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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Borrowing an idea I first saw at Stephanie's. I understand that I have someone else to thank for the idea though. Must say, here at Chez {brackets} we're pretty much all random, all the time, so this format may not be restricted to Wednesdays.

Things I need to keep in mind:
I obviously underestimate the capabilities of the most likely suspects. The mysteriously disappearing needle has just as mysteriously returned. It showed up one level up and all the way across the house from where it was originally. Interesting, must expand search zones in the future.

Procrastination is always gonna bite me on the butt. You'd think I'd know this by now, but somehow I forget every time. I offer up my most recent incident as an example. We were almost out of coffee, water and cat food yesterday. Now, any single one of those is cause for concern, all three? Officially. Not. Good. Did I do anything about it yesterday? Nooo. So today, when we were completely out of all 3 things and I have to go get them, winter arrives. Yep, it's been really mild and we've had almost no snow, but today we got dumped on and guess which fool was out in the storm? Must remember, procrastination is, in my case, an invitation for the Universe to try and reinforce those lessons it thinks I should already know.

Progress reports:
The KO entry is coming along. Not as quickly as one might hope, but so far (knock on wood) no further disasters or delays.

I've also found the finishing yarn I needed for the baby booties. The pattern calls for this yarn, but I couldn't find it locally and there's not time to order it. So, after a quick consultation with the owner of my nearest LYS, this yarn has been decided on as the alternate.

In the things that make you go hmmmm category:
1 cup of raw brown rice is equal to 13 points using a leading weight loss program. So, who figured that out and why?

Good advice:
Today Stephanie offered a number of good tips for Olympic knitters and in the comments a couple more were added to the list. One in particular caught my eye. This very intelligent individual suggested that finding something to distract the cats should be part of one's plan. I have to agree (and wish I'd thought of that). All I have to say is, the impact of a 20 lb cat flinging it's self at your shoulder in a desperate attempt to catch the moving end of the needle can be quite painful, oh and it doesn't do the needle much good either..

Liza {who's planning to spend tomorrow knitting and hiding from the cats}


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