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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Today's theme: Technical difficulties

So yeah, this is the third attempt at this entry let's hope third times the charm. My first attempt was such a long and whine-y post about all the technical problems plaguing me that it bored even me, so I deleted it. The second attempt apparently, while slightly less whine-y and somewhat shorter, was still too much for my computer, so it deleted me (BTW, don't you just love it when the inanimate objects in your life feel the need to critique your efforts?).

I now present to you a much quicker (ha, as if) run down of my difficulties. Computers, cameras and I do not mix, there will be no yarn p0rn for now. I hope to snag my technical advisor (Offspring # 1) soon. My KO entry seems to be cursed or perhaps I've committed some sort of transgression that the Universe feels I need to be punished for. Either way, all kinds of delays have occurred. There was trouble getting the appropriate needles. A Gordian knot ate up several evenings of knitting time. One of the appropriate needles mysteriously disappeared the usual suspects (scroll to October 23 and July 22 to view the mug shots) have been questioned, but no one's talking. Alternate needles were obtained from the enabler aka Mom, but more time (about 1 1/2 days) was lost. Both Offspring had long weekends and were in. my. house. getting. in. my. way. (read using the computer).

On the good news side of things, the search for needles netted also netted 7 skeins of Cynthia Helene Kid Mohair in grape and 3 in mauve at ridiculously low prices. Other experiences of SEX include the discovery of Limbo Mexiko, fun stuff. I picked up 3 skeins in colour # 2597 to make some heavier weight socks for myself (cold tootsies here) and at the same shop I found a solid to coordinate with the Trekking I have for the next Candice I'm planning to make. There have been other forays, but I'll leave those for another day. Back to Olympic knitting.

Liza {who's hoping the Universe is feeling generous and she and her KO entry will be plagued no more}


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