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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Books, Books, Books

In recent rambles through blogland, I came across something that tickled my fancy and decided I'd play along too,

Booking Through Thursday

This week's questions are from Cate.

  1. Do you have any books that are signed by the author? A few, I can only find two at the moment, but I'm sure there are more. One is A Fine Daughter by Catherine Simmons Niven and the other is a very (1984) old triva book/game for kids.
  2. Do you have a story behind the autograph? In the first case no, it was a gift from my Mom and that's just how it was when she purchased it. The second has a bit of a story. It was a gift to me from my cousin but it's autographed to her not me. It was originally a gift to her from the author, who happens to be her uncle. Yeah, re-gifting at it's finest.

In knitting news, I finished the hat yesterday now I just need to see about felting it. Oh and finding a bowl to use while blocking the thing. Isn't that going to look wonderful? Me trying on all my mixing bowls trying to find the one that's "just right". And no, there will not be any pictures of that little endeavor. This morning I finished my Limbo Mexiko socks, just in time too as the weather's turned a bit nasty. I did do a little work on my KO entry today, but it's taking more brain power than I possess today, so that's been put aside, again. Poor unloved little thing.

For some mindless knitting I've switched to the kitten blanket I'm working on. All I can say is good thing this is mindless 'cause it's other aspects are bad enough. If I had to think too, it'd get dumped faster than one could spit. I'm using Red Heart Comfort (seems to be discontinued, but the colour is similar to this) and all I can say is yuck! It's not nice to my hands and when I bought it, the colour seemed cheerful and happy. Now? Yeah, not so much. Oh well, it's for a good cause , so I'll just have to suck it up.

Liza {who thinks the resident elephant is doing jumping jacks on her chest, she's gonna go have a nap}


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