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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

An elephant has taken up residence

On my chest and all I can say is a pox on who ever sent him my way! The appearance of this pachyderm has resulted in a noticeable lack of action on my part. However there have been a few developments since the last time we talked.

This past weekend was full of all sorts of fibery goodness. Saturday I spent most of the day here. Why? Well, for my first ever spinning lessons. Ruth Blazenko is a great teacher and I had a great time, even if I do suck pretty badly and seem to have some serious control issues (who'da thunk it?). Oh and yeah, being able to remember right from left would help too. I did find out I do much better if I pre-draft, so I think I'll be focusing on that, along with trying to sort out those other issues. I was hoping to borrow Mom's wheel this week, so I could practice, but I'm not going to risk sharing the elephant, so practice will have to wait. Along with the actual spinning instruction, we got a chance to go into the shop and compare (read fondle) a number of different fibres. Oooooh, who knew yak or camel would feel so nice? Of course, I didn't leave empty handed, I now have this (colour Mountain Majesty) and this (colour Sapphire) to make the felted hat from this book.

Sunday evening was spent at Calgary's (delayed) Knitting Olympics Closing Ceremonies, held at Make One Yarn Studio. Go here, for the story behind both the ceremonies and the delay. A good time was had by all, how could you not enjoy an evening with yarn, food and knit rap? I didn't have my entry finished, but I did wrestle the Gordian Knot into submission in time to show off what had been accomplished. Oh and in spite of intense lobbying on the part of many, many beautiful yarns, I was able to stand firm (sort of) and only two wee skeins (colour 127) followed me home. I was thinking socks, but now I'm considering wrist/hand warmers.

On the knitting front, the KO entry is still being ignored but I'm almost finished my Limbo Mexiko socks (second sock at the toe) and the felted hat is 2/3 finished. I will get to the baby sweater, I promise, I'm just waiting until I stop feeling so hostile towards it.

Liza {who promises there will be pictures soon!}


  • At 7:56 p.m., Blogger Snarkdog said…

    That yarn is too luscious! I'll take minimum of three skeins in each colorway...thank you very much.


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