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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Oh my, how long has it been?

Surely it can't have been two weeks? Calendar sez otherwise though, oops!

So, where have I been you ask? I was here, sort of, but unfortunately so were both offspring, Spring Break, the elephant (who was successfully evicted from my chest, but who just moved on to offspring # 1's chest), family birthdays, yarn shop openings and an unreasonable amount of school work (not mine, offspring #1's~almost end of term). Things should return to normal by Monday (oh please, oh please, oh please) but, in the mean time, I have managed to snag the computer for a few hours this evening.

So knitting news, well, things are not going all that well. The KO entry is being studiously ignored. Must stop doing that, baby's due sometime in May and it'd be nice if the sweater was finished before the baby got too big for it. I did start the booties for this little one, but the first attempt came out a little big. Thought I'd adjusted for my loosey goosey style, but apparently not enough. A second (smaller) attempt is on the needles now. The ugly kitten blanket had to be frogged, as it was two inches too narrow and I was almost done the @$%@$% thing. I started new socks from a Fleece Artist kit (older colourway, pretty purples though) and decided since most of the socks I've made so far have been a bit big, I should make the smaller size. Um, no! Too small and will have to be frogged.

OTOH, I started a pair of Fuzzyfeet for myself on Monday and I'm at the toe decreases for the second one (go me). I want these finished so I can felt them Saturday at Make One's Felting Party. Previous experience has shown that my lovely new washer, while very good at washing clothes, is terrible at felting them, even on purpose. So glad Amy and Sandra put in a washing machine.

Liza {who's off to herd cats again, it's dinner time at the zoo}


  • At 11:03 a.m., Blogger star firstbaseman said…

    I'm just catching up - congrats on the baby! And the project sounds great.

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