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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Well, the elephant was given an eviction notice.

And he didn't take kindly to it. He's been waging a scorched throat campaign in retaliation. More enthusiastic blogging will resume after the final battle(s).

In the mean time, here are today's book questions:

1. Have you ever read a self-help book? I guess so, I've checked out some books on organization (something I am *not* good at) but that's pretty much it.

2. What do you think about self-help books in general? I'm not big on a lot of them. To me they seem to be trying to provide simple answers to complex situations. Sort of if you follow these 5 (or however many) steps, your whole life will be wonderful. But, you know, life and relationships just aren't that simple.

3. Would you ever recommend a self-help book? I might if I found it helpful and it was appropriate for the person's situation and they'd *asked* for advice/help. I'd never recommend one unsolicited no matter how good I considered it.

Liza {who will return w/fibre related news soon, for now though, it's back to the trenches}


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