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Thursday, March 02, 2006

What I Learned

Well, the Knitting Olympics are over and I've recovered (mostly) so now comes the post-games analysis.

I was a DNF and I learned that this bothered me more than it probably should. Seems I have a fairly well hidden competitive streak, so well hidden that even I didn't realize it was there. Interesting.

I also learned I can be waaaayyyy more patient than I'd ever imagined. Example? The Gordian Knot took me some 6+ hours to untangle. However said patience is not unlimited. The appearance of a second Gordian Knot (even worse than the first one~4 hours working on it and no sign of improvement) strained things to the breaking point.

Which leads me to the next thing I learned, when the urge to chop all the remaining yarn into teeny tiny pieces is almost overwhelming, it's time to quit. And yes, I did quit before giving in to that urge. Good thing, because I'm determined to finish the darn thing before Sunday. That is, if I am able to untangle that darn knot.

Another valuable lesson from the KO, I am too old to write IOUs to my body~repeatedly. Yeah, consistently shorting yourself on sleep in an effort to "catch-up" results in the body calling in those IOUs without warning. Usually at the most inconvenient time. Lost most of last Saturday this way.

The final lesson (well for today anyway) that I learned is that my time is not nearly as free as I'd previously believed. I've always thought I should be able to accomplish more craftwise as I "wasn't doing anything else". The KO allowed me to critically examine that premise and it proved to be false. For example, during the 16 days, I had to attend 5, yes 5, separate medical appointments. None of which were for me! So, while I can knit in the waiting room(s), there's still travel time, prep time (you know, like actually getting dressed?) and the attendant errands like picking up prescriptions. Definitely eats up your knitting time.

Useful lessons I think and while I'm disappointed in my DNF status, I am glad I participated. Thanks Stephanie and all who helped make the KO such a fun and interesting experience.

Liza {who's just glad none of the cats needed to visit the vet, that might have done her in}


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